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Japanese Beauty Care

Scheduled to arrive in mid August.

IN THE BEGINNING: Thousands of years ago, rice bran was discovered by the Japanese to be an ideal cleanser for the skin and hair. Using this outer portion of rice in beauty care became a priceless method for those wanting to maintain clear, healthy skin and luscious locks.

THE REVIVAL OF RICE BRAN: In 1987, Nihonsakari, one of Japan's premier sake producers revived the use of rice bran in producing high-quality beauty products. Coupling this traditional cleanser made with rice oil that has been recycled after making sake with other natural ingredient such as aloe, seaweed and ginseng, the company created a line of skin and hair products that did more than just cleanse—it provided consumers an unmatched glow and health to their skin and locks. Komenuka Bijin products are backed by solid research conducted by Japan Medical School professors, who discovered that rice bran contains a form of liquefied oryzanol—a B derivative—that helps soften skin and regenerate growth of new skin cells. Rice bran also helps treat many skin disorders such as chronic itch and dandruff.
NS-KomenukaBijin is a biodegradable line of natural beauty products free of paraben, sulfate, and synthetic fragrances. The entire line contains top-grade rice bran refined with ginseng, seaweed, aloe, chamomile, vitamin E and/or collagen. Our hair and skincare products provide natural moisture and nourishment to help you look your best. The face care line is scent free amking it aan ideal face care products for those who are sensetive to fragrance. The hair shampoo and treatment and the body wash have natural scent that quickly goes away once they are rinsed off from hair and body.