Mission & History

SenseofPeace.com is an online lifestyle boutique that promotes conscious and healthy living, practical spirituality, and a heightened quality of life by providing tools for mind, body, and spirit with an Eastern influence. 

SenseofPeace.com is an offshoot of Sense of Peace, a storefront in Half Moon Bay which opened in the Fall of 2002, quickly becoming a local favorite.

The original founders of the store, Sung Lee and Stephen Sandorf, continue to supply beautiful goods described by customers as simultaneously unique and functional.

We are dedicated to providing an online shopping experience that allows ease of mind, where customers know that every effort has been made to source goods that are of excellent quality and aesthetically beautiful, made by people in places around the world that are known for their attention to fair working conditions and sustainability.

People of SenseofPeace.com

                                                                                                                                                         Yunie Doran is the CEO for SenseofPeace.com. She is an entrepreneur who believes that one's work should not be merely for economical survival or self gratification but should also be service to others. Yunie is a mom of two daughters who are artist/musicians. She is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher who believes that yoga opens the door to the realization of our authentic self that is the ultimate essence of all beings and things. She feels passionately about preserving and nurturing our planet. She loves music, she loves nature.

Email: yunie@senseofpeace.com




                                                                                                                                                        Sung Lee is the main buyer/merchandiser for SenseofPeace.com. She co-founded the original Sense of Peace in Half Moon Bay, California. She received a BFA degree in Textile Design from Rhode Island School of Design, an MA degree in Counseling Psychology with emphasis in spiritual psychology from University of Santa Monica. With her skillful artistry and practical spirituality, her intention is to make available goods that promote conscious and healthy living without compromising quality and beauty. 

Outside of SenseofPeace.com she is known as a color/design consultant who likes to assist people during various stages of remodeling. She is also a certified graduate of American Feng Shui Institute and works as a classical feng shui consultant. While she enjoys working in SF bay area, she will travel near and far to see her feng shui clients.

                                                  Email: sung@senseofpeace.com

                                                                                                                                                              Stephen Sandorf is the Shipping and Warehouse manager for SenseofPeace.com. He is married to Sung Lee and co-founded the original retail store in Half Moon Bay in 2002. He is an artist who enjoys photography and mixed media. He received BA in Art from California Lutheran University and an MA in Pastoral Counseling from Trinity College of Graduate Studies. He is now entering into the world of digital and cyberspace. He loves nature and music, and can be found playing guitar, bass or keyboard in his free time.

Email: stephen@senseofpeace



                                                                                                                                                           Leia Doran is Sense of Peace.com's web developer. She is the Creative Director and Founder of Brooklyn Artillery and has worked with the Williamsburg Gallery Association and myriad arts organizations. She makes ends meet as a web/graphic designer and illustrator, and co-runs Rad Studio, a boutique recording studio in Brooklyn. Leia can play ukulele pretty okay, but can’t drive.

Email: leia@senseofpeace.com