Welcome to our Special Introductory Offer, now through December 31, 2011.

1. Free ground shipping on orders over $75, valid through 12/31/2011.                  2. We pay for your sales tax for the rest of Y-2011.                                              

If you are our existing customer from our store in Half Moon Bay. We hope you will enjoy the savings of sales tax. And if you are new to our store, this is an opportunity to test our products and give us your feedback.

NOT SURE WHAT TO GET? Visit our best seller section and see our most popular items. If you would like more personalized assistance, you are welcome to email Sung, our merchandiser who is most knowledgeable in our products. She will be glad to assist you. She can be reached at care@senseofpeace.com or 1-650-773-9468. Please include your phone # if you would like her to call you back.