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Beesewax Tin Candle

These candles are perfect for the candle lover on the go!

They are available in pure, unscented beeswax; our nine core aromatherapy blends; and our specialty aromatherapy blends. 
These tins are the most eco-friendly on the market, made from a minimum of 75% recycled metals. You can even reuse the empty tins by replacing with fresh beeswax votives! 

Wicks are made of 100% cotton and contain no lead or
10 different scent and 2 sizes to choose from: 
Natural: Enjoy the natural, sweet, honey fragrance infused straight from the hive into the wax!
Clarity: Lime-May Chang  is a cheerful citrus tonic that fuels awareness and clarity.

Enlightenment: Bergamot-Mint is a fresh, energizing union that brings wisdom and creativity.

Harmony: Lavender-Geranium is a calming floral blend that promotes balance and relaxation.

Meditation: Rosewood-Cedarwood is a calm woody aroma that clears mind and promotes inner peace.

Radiance: Ylang Ylang-Tangerine is a warm delightful blend that inspires well-being and wisdom.

Rapture: Pachouli-Cassia is a stirring exotic aroma that arouses passion and renews spirit.
Rejuvenation: Sweet Orange-Clove Bud is a spicy uplifting medley that revives and restores inner strength.
Sensuality: Palmarosa-Geranium is a warm floral blend that relieves anxiety and sparks desire.
Vitality: Lemongrass-Grapefruit is a zesty refreshing fusion that stimulates senses and restores spirit.