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Ribbon Box Tea Collection: Exotics

20 silk pyramid infusers with 5 of each:
African Solstice { Rooibos Tea }
This rooibos blend is light and fruity with a soft vanilla note. Sometimes called 'red tea,' rooibos is an anti-oxidant-rich herbal tisane.

Bombay Chai { Black Tea }
A lively, exotic blend of Indian black tea and aromatic spices. Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and ginger flavor this warming cup.

Formosa Oolong { Oolong Tea }
Known worldwide for its slightly nutty and lightly roasted flavor. A tea that satisfies the most discriminating palates.

Ginger { Herbal Tea }
Bold and enticing with a lively character. A bit of lemony verbena soothes the spirit while black pepper heightens the spicy afterglow. 
Green Mango Peach { Green Tea }
Fragrant mangoes and peach scent every cup of our lightly steamed green tea with honeybush and a touch of peppermint.

White Ambrosia { White Tea }
Our fine white tea melds seamlessly with delectable fruits, vanilla and slices of coconut to create a cornucopia of tropical delights.