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All natural tea mints with organic teas, fruits and herbs.

A few functional ingredients that make minteas the mints with a difference. Small pocket sized tins - a convenient way for you to embrace a life of health and wellness. Contains 75 mints per tin. 

Five Minteas flavors to choose from:

  • Reboot with Cocoa Mate for energy, with Yerba Mate, nature's way to lesson fatigue and raise mental mood.

  • Regroup with Ginger Pear for focus, with Ginkgo, believed to be one of the most effective medicinal herbs for attention and focus.

  • Retreat with Lemongrass Yuzu for relaxation, with Japanese Yuzu, and soothing lemongrass and chamomile.

  • Resist with Lime Mojito to stay well, with vitamin enriched antioxidants.

  • Results with Matcha Chai for fitness, blended with Japanese Matcha tea, known to increase thermogenesis - the body's own rate of burning calories.