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Ribbon Box Tea Collection Sanctuary

20 pyramid silk infusers of:
Chamomile Citron { Herbal Tea }
A calming Egyptian chamomile blended with a melody of fruits and herbs. Chamomile flowers, rose hips impart an enticing balance of tart and sweet. Aromatic Thai Lemongrass adds depth to this soothing, citrusy infusion.

Jasmine Green { Green Tea }
Lightly steamed "sencha-style" then scented with jasmine blossoms, this fragrant blend is clean and floral with grassy overtones.

Sencha { Green Tea }
This steamed, organic green tea steeps a pale and delicate liquor. A hint of roasted chestnuts complements the freshness of a spring downpour.

Silk Oolong{ Oolong Tea }
A unique mountain climate gives this rare tea its astonishing character. Smooth and buttery, this tea is a true work of handcrafted art.

White Ambrosia { White Tea }
Our fine white tea melds seamlessly with delectable fruits, vanilla and slices of coconut to create a cornucopia of tropical delights.

White Ginger Pear { White Tea }
An unusual blend of fine white tea and crisp ginger balanced by orchard fresh pear. A sweet, almost juicy, infusion with a surprising dry finish.

A cup and saucer not included.